The Perfect Home Spa day in Summer

12/05/2016 11:02

After 2015 "The perfect wellness day in the autumn" went online, I wanted in the following 9 months actually with the appropriate posts to winter, spring and summer. But this has somehow gone wrong. Since we are quite up-to-date but in a time when it is very nice, I thought a bit of retreat and selfpampering without news and daily newspapers is perhaps not the worst idea and is now reaching for this series Simply back on. I do not know how you are, but I had in the past weeks sometimes so my difficulties, to me neatly against all 'the bad news, which constantly bobbled at me. So it's time to take a look around and breathe again! Are you there? 

Here we go: 

1 Get a coloring book and colored pencils!

My favorite is still The Mindfulness Coloring Book or the corresponding block! If you like to browse through magical books that touch the heart, your bed can be very smart. In my opinion the most perfect home spa books! You can find the complete list of my favorite books here. 

2 Ice Ice Baby I do not drink tea in the summer.

Instead, I love fresh watermelon shake and coconut water. You can also make delicious iced tea or ice-cream yourself or you already pack your favorite Ben & Jerry's in the freezer. Please forget all the self-flagellation rules that apply to your diet. It's all about doing good to yourself and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice is playing in a League other than Clean Eating Nicecream from 20 bananas. Personally, I am pretty much the biggest fan of the cucumber lemon popsicles from Paletas in summer!

3 Coconut oil 

After the washing of the hair I like to take coconut oil as a hair treatment. Since coconut oil has a cooling effect (summer time is Pitta time), it is anyway the perfect oil in the warm months. Not just for the hair! 

4 Bathing with Twilight 

Twilight is not only my favorite of all bathing balls, but also extremely summer compatible. Here, you do not sink into huge mammals, nor remain oily residues on the skin. Instead, the water glistens, what keeps the stuff. At an indifferent water temperature, the most perfect of all baths at hot outside temperatures! 

5 Crocheting or knitting

Let us not think of anything: we have August and the autumn comes more quickly around the corner than we like. Because it is a very meditative matter in crochet or knitting, I think this is also clear at a home spa day in the summer. 

6 Snacks I love (!) 

Cherries. And raspberries. And strawberries. When, if not in the summer, can you snacks fresh berries for a whole day? So I would suggest that you buy a huge mountain of your favorite berries the day before. Or cherries. Or watermelon. Or simply everything together. For the greater hunger I like in summer glass noodle salad, summer rolls or veggie sushi very much. 

7 Refreshment between I do not use body lotion in the summer. 

What I like very much, are refreshing body sprays. My current favorite is Herbivore Botanicals After Sun Mist. Best fresh from the fridge! But most I love a massage on my Osaki massage chair that I bought a few weeks back, do you want one too? see these reviews and decide which one is suitable for your body and pocket.

8 Aloe Vera Facial 

With a bit of luck you will find fresh aloe vera in demeter quality in the refrigeration unit of your supermarket. Perfect Summer Facial! 

9 Manicure & Pedicure 

At this point I can not help but to return to this post. At summery outside temperatures, I also like to part from my coral fetish and grab colors that pop. 

10 audio books 

Welding Yoga classes are not my thing at welding external temperatures. I prefer hanging over the sofa and listening to an audio book. When choosing an Audiobook, be sure to ensure that everything is not about murder, homicide, rape or war. I like this very much. (And no, this is not a woman-kitch! The title is deceiving.) Audiobooks for relaxing Just take a nice day, allow yourself to shut it all out, which does not make you feel good and let it go really well.



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